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Xdroid signs partnership with CAT Technologies in Argentina

Updated: May 4, 2023

CAT Technologies is Argentina’s leading company in the business process outsourcing, contact center, and customer experience sector and promotes the culture of digital transformation among its customers and employees. The BPO had been in search of tools that could contribute to improving the quality of customer service and transform internal processes, always staying at the forefront of technological innovation. One of the key tools that will form part of CAT’s “New Generation Solutions” portfolio will be VoiceAnalytics of Xdroid, selected due to its exceptional Spanish language engine and intuitive interface.

With VoiceAnalytics, CAT will be able to provide a range of solutions to their customers, granting them the ability to simplify quality monitoring, improve customer experience and ensure compliance. CAT’s customers will be able to transform data into valuable insights for their marketing, customer service, sales, and collections departments by analyzing 100% of voice interactions. The capability to send automated alerts to supervisors and managers when detecting signs of non-compliance and poor customer experiences is one of Xdroid’s most promising functionalities.

This partnership represents a milestone in Xdroid’s growth path, adding not only one more country but also a new continent to the company’s presence list.

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