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Smulders, market leader in the field of offshore wind turbines, is expanding with Symobo

Smulders, a company that specializes in offshore wind turbines, was in dire need of extra office space after a small "boom" in the number of employees. The main requirement: to create a quiet working environment for the staff next to the loud and busy production hall.

Smulders NV is located in the heart of the Port of Antwerp. The company is the market leader in the field of offshore wind turbines. After the Corona lockdown, the company was short of space when the staff was allowed to work in the office again.

Symobo built a 2-storey building against the existing production hall with open workspaces, separate offices, sanitary facilities and kitchen.

Anthracite exterior covering was chosen for a timeless modern look. Furthermore, the entire building was equipped with heat pumps and extra sun protection on the windows.

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